Introduction to counselling

Team CollegeHumara | 10th May, 2018 | 3 min read

Introduction to counselling

Students, who appear for the competitive examinations for admission to the undergraduate engineering courses, belong to either of the two categories: fresher or dropout. As a fresher, they face the board examinations, and then the competitive examinations whereas as a dropout, its the competitive ones which is to be faced. After this, both types of students become eligible in terms of admission criteria.

In the present education scenario, every student is made to believe that this is the toughest phase. This is over once you pass the examination by securing a decent rank/marks. But the most crucial part of the process, viz., “Counselling”, is never touched or even informed about during preparation. Also, counselling needs preparation and this is something you need to be prepared for.

Counselling, in technical terms, is the admission process which is the last step of a competitive examination. Herein the student gets to create and submit a list of choices. A choice is a combination of a desired course in a particular institution, and this combination is called “academic program”. From this list, basis the rank obtained, a particular choice gets reserved for the student.

To illustrate how the process works, assume 3 students X, Y and Z appeared for an exam and secured ranks 1 to 3 respectively. Assume there are three options to choose from: college A with course 1 - “A1”, college A with course 2 - “A2” and college B with course 1 - “B1”. Maximum number of students in each course is 1. The student with rank 1 gets to choose first, then student with rank 2, and so on.

Case 1: X chose A1.
    Case 1.1: Y chose A2. So, Z gets B1. Case 1.2: Y chose B1. So, Z gets A2.
Case 2: X chose A2.
    Case 2.1: Y chose A1. So, Z gets B1. Case 2.2: Y chose B1. So, Z gets A1.
Case 3: X chose B1.
    Case 3.1: Y chose A1. So, Z gets A2. Case 3.2: Y chose A2. So, Z gets A1.

This is how counselling works. The better the rank, the greater your chance to get the course and college of your desire.

The choice that you get has a decisive role in your life because the course and college obtained after counselling will expertise you in a particular field. Now is the time when you need to clear yourself on which institution to go to and which branch to opt for. The opportunities you will get and the people you will interact with will be based on this decision. Many students, on having decent rank, fail to fully utilise their talent and knowledge just because of filling the choice list in a hurry without proper knowledge.

The greatest problem that one faces at this time is that the choices are to be filled in a limited time frame. And because no one has prepared you for this, you try to seek advice from every nook and corner. But the problem is that the guidance won’t comprehensively fit you. The experiences of others will tell you how they trod this path but the difference is that you have to walk it in your own shoes.

This is a major problem of today’s coaching facilities and faculties. Everyone prepares you for the ultimate day but no one tells you what lies thereafter. College and branch, both are equally important when it comes to graduation. We are not frightening you but our intention is to make you realise how important this decision will be. This is the first step of becoming an adult and taking control of your life. This decision has to be yours and you have to bear the consequences yourselves.

Through a number of articles, we will be elaborating the process of “Counselling” extensively. These articles will help you understand the process and help you save enough time to think on your choices. Congratulations for becoming eligible for filling in the choice list and we wish you all the best for the journey ahead!